Great News! Now you can pay your Agway invoices through your Bank online, by phone, by ATM or in branch.

Agway is now registered with most Canadian Financial Institutions to accept payments, including The Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, National Bank, and credit unions across the country.

Save time and money by paying your invoice directly through your bank just like you pay your utility bills, credit card payments, property taxes etc…  Sign up today by adding Agway Metals to your payee list, include your customer number (starts with a “C” on your invoice above your address), and you are ready to go!

Agway Now Offers Customers Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF)

Automation can help streamline your company’s payment process to improve efficiencies, by eliminating certain clerical steps, reducing errors and ensuring deadlines are met. Rather than issuing cheques, ETF (Electronic Funds Transfer) facilitates a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective way to pay multiple vendors simultaneously.

EFT payments are initiated by the payor through the payor’s bank, which sends the relevant payment files to a clearing house. In turn, the clearing house forwards each payment file to the appropriate bank, as requested by the recipient vendor. Sending an EFT also delivers remittance information via fax, email, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), or mail, at a negligible cost.

If your company already uses EFT to pay vendors, you can simply add Agway to your vendor list by requesting Agway’s banking details from Barb Ferguson, at or by phone at (877) 905-6076. And you’re ready to go – it’s that simple!