The Complete Package Inside and Out... Product Plus Agricultural

When you are considering your next Agricultural project, AGWAY has you covered. Whether it’s interior or exterior cladding, flashings, accessories, vents or louvres, AGWAY has all of the products required to complete your building. AGWAY also provides Interior Wall Paneling options as well. AGWAY really does have you covered.

To make it easier for you to help identify and select those products, we’ve updated our Product Plus program to help you in your search. By simply taking a look at Product Plus you’ll be able to identify all of the components available to you that you will require for your projects’ completion. One stop shopping made easy.

Product Plus Designed to Compliment any Agricultural Project

Loweith-Summithorn Holstein Farms, built entirely with AGWAY Metal products

  • This 115’ x 504’ Freestall Dairy Barn is constructed to house over 530 cows.
  • Cladding Profile: Diamond Rib | Charcoal
  • Roofing Profile: Century Rib | White White

A complete line of exterior trims and accessories were used to complete the project. These included; Ridge Vents, Standard and Custom Trims, Eavestroughs, Vented Soffits, Closures, Sealants and Fasteners.

AGWAY’s Interior Wall Liners... Essential for the Industry

Trusscore Ceiling Panels were used as the key component for the interior construction. Trusscore is designed to satisfy the demanding interior requirements of today’s livestock buildings. Not only does it meet and exceed statutory building codes, it also satisfies the stringent requirements of modern hygienic construction.

New Product Plus Agricultural brochure available from AGWAY and downloadable online

Through Product Plus you will be able to see the various components available to you that you will require for your projects’ completion. You don’t need to go anywhere else - it’s all available to you from AGWAY.

Want some help in selecting the appropriate colour for your projects’ exterior?

Just take a look at AGWAY’s Agricultural Colour Application... Because A picture really is worth a thousand words.

AGWAY’s Agricultural Colour Application makes it easy for you to visually preview what your new building will look like with the colour of your choice. You have 4 structural variations to choose from - one that will most likely fit your design. No need to imagine what your colour of choice will look like; the Colour Visualizer lets you see just how your structure will appear. With a choice of over 30 colours, you’ll have a lot to choose from.