CondenStop® Eliminates Interior Condensation on Steel Roof Panels and Insulation to Protect the Valuable Contents Inside.

As part of its ongoing commitment to introducing new and better solutions for Canadians, AGWAY METALS has acquired the exclusive rights to offer customers a range of popular roofing profiles featuring CondenStop® – a super-absorbent material layer, permanently bonded to the underside of the panels. Ideal for new installations or retrofits, lightweight CondenStop effectively and affordably eliminates threats posed by condensation to the livestock and/or dry goods housed within.

Unrivaled Condensation Protection, Available Exclusively from AGWAY

Employing factory applied, technologically advanced layers of synthetic non-woven fleece, combined with unique thermoplastic microspheres, lightweight CondenStop preemptively absorbs and stores condensed water vapour, to manage and regulate the interior humidity of agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings. Later, when the appropriate temperature and ventilation conditions return, moisture retained by CondenStop is then re-introduced to the interior air through natural convection.

Benefits of CondenStop Include:

  • Eliminates condensation more effectively
  • Saves time and money vs. other vapour barrier products 
  • Protects animals, assets and investments from moisture related problems
  • Can be used in place of inferior traditional vapour retarders
  • Developed, performance-tested and proven effective for over15 years
  • Protects roof panels and insulation from water damage
  • Fully warranted against de-lamination for 20 years
  • Light gray color enhances the interior appearance of open frame roofs

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