Granite® Deep Mat: adds warmth and depth of finish to roofs and cladding

Granite® Deep Mat is part of AGWAY’s new Nature Collection: 

  • Granite® Deep Mat is an organic, coated steel with a standard paint thickness of 35 or 40 microns 
  • Developed principally for roofing, Granite® Deep Mat can also be used for cladding and accessories


What is so unique about Granite® Deep Mat?

  • Architecturally attractive aesthetics and appearance: matte* (< 5 GU) and wrinkled (structured) surface 
  • Very good formability combined with good corrosion resistance 
  • Unlike smooth, standard organic Granite® Deep Mat coated steel cleans easily with rainwater


Choose from Three Designer Colours

SPRINGHOUSE Granite® Deep Mat shingles are available in three organic colours – Graphite Grey, Jet Black and Sepia Brown – in a gorgeous, deep matte wrinkle finish. Call your Agway representative for more information.

Coatings and surface treatments are free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals.