Prevent Snow Avalanches on Steel Roofs...

AGWAY now offers SnoBars, a simple and effective custom snow control system to keep doorways and other high traffic areas safe from falling snow. Manufactured from transparent polycarbonate, SnoBars let all the vibrant colour and beauty of your roof show through, while increasing safety for anyone walking below.

Features and Benefits

  • The innovative design of Snobars offers control of snow build up on roofs to prevent avalanches above doorways and other high traffic areas.
  • Can be used with AGWAY’s Century Rib and Optimum Rib profiles, or with any 8,” 9,” or 10” ribbed profile
  • Manufactured from UV-stabilized polycarbonate
  • Clear polycarbonate allows roof colour to show through
  • Width of each SnoBar offers snow control over 13” Easy to install

SnoBars Product Page