Your Designer Throwing You a Curve? AGWAY Has You Covered!


Curves are an integral component of both organic and mathematical beauty. And now, AGWAY Metals expands your envelope of design creativity by offering a convenient method to form elegant curved roof and cladding panels, onsite. So, whether you’re an architect, designer, or builder, your imagination needn’t be bridled by straight lines, because, now, AGWAY makes it easy to roll-form beautiful and consistent curved panels from its standard seam profiles – right on your job site!

Sometimes, straight lines and right angles just don’t support your creative design concept. Curve surfaces offer softer, more organic transitions than straight lines – qualities which greatly affect overall look and architectural aesthetics, when creating buildings for virtually any application. AGWAY makes curved surfaces child’s play: Introducing AGWAY CURVED METAL Panels. 

You start with our standard seam sheet profiles and, using our portable, form-rolling machine (which AGWAY will ship anywhere – direct to your job site), you can easily convert those flat panels into gorgeous, precision-curved panels that will deliver the elegance needed to express the nuances of your creative vision.

  • Portable curving machine shipped direct to job site
  • Provides curved profile – unique aesthetics
  • Can curve AR 25 & AR 38 Profiles
  • Handles sheet lengths from 1' 6" to 60' 0"
  • Minimum radii 80" (AR25), 120" (AR38)
  • Concave curves only

Curved Metal Panels: Just one more way AGWAY is Easier To Do Business With…