AGWAY METALS INC. Helps Fund Advertising Campaign on HGTV Website to Debunk Myths About Steel Roofs

AGWAY METALS is once again contributing funds to support a national advertising campaign aimed at increasing consumer awareness of the features, benefits and advantages offered by modern steel roofs. The creative strategy for the 2014 campaign identifies and debunks some common myths and misperceptions regarding the performance, appearance and other attributes of steel roofs. Consequently, the promotion will correct the myths with facts that introduce viewers to the ‘Steel Truths’ about steel roofs. 

Under the auspices of the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI), the 10 week campaign runs from Late April to late June on HGTV’s website, and includes repeated ‘takeovers’ of the HGTV website’s home page. On ‘takeover’ days, marketing messages promoting steel roofs will visually dominate the home page of the HGTV site by featuring 30-second, animated ‘pre-roll’ commercials, as well as stationary ‘Big Box’ and ‘Leader Board’ ads promoting steel roofs. The aesthetic beauty, durability and superior performance of today’s steel roof profiles, as well as their considerable environmental and long-term financial advantages, clearly offer homeowners superior value versus conventional asphalt roofing products. 

This marketing initiative was designed to target Canadian prospects directly; consequently, the campaign is running exclusively on the HGTV website, to leverage its relevant context and editorial environment, focussed on viewers with specific interests in home improvement and renovation. The campaign is projected to deliver a total estimated audience of 2,2 million Canadians adults, aged 24-49. 

As a call to action, the advertising campaign will direct consumers to visit, where their requests for product and contractor information can be forwarded to AGWAY METALS, or other participating CSSBI member companies, as requested.

Pre-Roll Spots

  1. Rust & Heavy
  2. Heavy & Beauty 1
  3. Heavy & Beauty 2
  4. Noise & Beauty 1
  5. Noise & Beauty 2
  6. Rust & Beauty 1
  7. Rust & Beauty 2