AGWAY Has Always Been Committed To Ensuring On Time Delivery... It’s What Relationships Are Built On

The foundation of any customer / supplier relationship is the ability to deliver the ordered products on time. Once the order has been placed its imperative that production and delivery schedules are strictly adhered too. 

It Starts with the Order 

Once the salesperson has confirmed the order, our scheduler meticulously works out the appropriate production and scheduling details to ensure that delivery occurs on the requested delivery date. AGWAY prides itself in assuring its Customers that once the dates have been assigned – the dates will be kept.  From the onset of production, to the loading of the truck, AGWAY is committed to your schedule.

It Ends with on Time Delivery

In order to meet the ever increasing demand for AGWAY products, not only have we increased our overall production capacity but we’ve placed particular emphasis in ensuring that our trucks are available to deliver our products to meet your requested delivery requirements. Over the last 15 years AGWAY has increased its fleet operations with a commitment for further increases in order to satisfy your demands.