Let AGWAY Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due

If your project uses Agway products, we would love to generate an article or case study recognizing the project along with some name recognition for you. Your project and your company will be featured in the Case Studies section of our website and all project photos will become part of our extensive Photo Gallery.

You’re no Shakespeare? No Problem... we do the writing.

We know there are lots of great stories out there about how and why AGWAY products were chosen as an integral part of your project. You needn’t be intimidated about having to submit a finished story; all you need to do is email us the point form details related to you project, and we’ll do the rest. Our editorial team of experts will review all point form story ideas submitted. If yours is judged newsworthy, we will assign a writer to interview you for clarification and/or additional information; next you will receive a written draft of your story to review for accuracy.

This is your project, your story; we want to give you complete and full credit.

To apply, simply go to bblanck@agwaymetals.com and fill in the necessary information.