Emulate the Heritage Appearance in Modern Construction Projects

With AGWAY’s A606 Weathering Steel product, you’ll be able to deliver a classic, ‘weathered’ look, with a unique, rust-like appearance that in the past could only be accomplished by Mother Nature over long periods of time. A606 Weathering Steel is ideal for creating project highlights that faithfully replicate the authenticity of weathered looks. Alternatively, when used as an exterior wall cladding, A606 Weathering Steel panels produce an overall Heritage style and charismatic appearance to the structure.

How To Integrate the Charm of Aged Architecture into Modern-Day Designs

When looking to enhance the highlights of their new building, the Niagara Region’s Hare Winery wanted more of a ‘heritage’ look to the new edifice. Nothing overpowering, mind you, just a subtle nuance in appearance, channelling a more rustic look that would better complement the exterior brick facing of a winery, as vintage wine relates to good harvests and proper aging. For appearance and quality, they chose AGWAY’s A606 Weathering Steel (formerly Corten Steel) profile. The sparing use of A606 to highlight only trims and flashings gave Hare Winery exactly the look they were after – a classic rustic appearance.

Giving Your Overall Project a Heritage Appearance
60 Atlantic Avenue, Toronto

When you want the overall project to convey a more authentic heritage look, A606 Weathering Steel from AGWAY does it perfectly. The rustic appearance of the A606 panels, at 60 Atlantic Avenue, in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village, serves to beautifully accent the highlights, in contrast to the building’s exterior brick cladding. This hybrid brick/steel look gives the structure a uniquely chic appearance, but also integrates it seamlessly among the neighbourhood’s many 19th century commercial structures. With the combined rustic look of the brick, along with simple accents from the steel panels, the building’s character became a striking amalgam of modern design with the architectural charm of a bygone era.