Available Paint Systems

Available Paint Systems

Perspectra Plus Series™

Perspectra Plus Series™ is the next generation in our Perspectra Series® paint system. Perspectra Plus Series™ is now even more resistant to chalk, fade, chemical degradation and scratching. It uses state of the art Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) technology and a new resin backbone which provides enhanced performance to end-users. The proven benefits include superior colour fade resistance to weathering, improved gloss retention and maximum hardness against scratching. The Quality and Performance specification offers 40 years of film integrity and 30 years of stringent colour fade and chalk values for building industry applications like roofing and cladding across Canada and the continental US. Perspectra Plus Series™ is available on hot dip galvanized and on highly corrosion resistant Galvalume™ (55% Aluminum – 45% Zinc alloy coating).

10000 Series

The 10000 Series is a 2-coat system based on the Kynar 500 resin system. 10000 Series colours are used primarily on more prestigious applications and thus they are typically used less frequently than Perspectra Series colours. This system has superior colour retention and formability properties but, because it requires 2 passes through the paint line, 10000 Series colours are more expensive than the Perspectra Series.

Metallic / Elite Series

The Metallic / Elite series is a 4-coat system that can provide unique and brighter colours for use in more prestigious applications. These systems provide excellent weathering and protective properties. Due to the extra paint passes, these systems are more expensive than the Perspectra and 10000 Series and will require longer lead times.

Barrier Series

Barrier Series comprises a factory applied primer and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) topcoat. The PVC coating can be applied to both sides of the sheet in thicknesses of 100mm, 200mm or 300mm. Typically Barrier Series coated steel is used in more aggressive industrial applications where the environments are harsher than typical industrial locations.

Granite® Deep Mat

Granite® Deep Mat is an organic, coated steel with a standard paint thickness of 35 or 40 microns. Developed principally for roofing, Granite® Deep Mat can also be used for cladding and accessories. Granite® Deep Mat is available in three organic colours – Graphite Grey, Jet Black and Sepia Brown – in a gorgeous, deep matte wrinkle finish.

Colour Matching

Colour can vary slightly between paint batches and production runs. As well, different paint systems will weather differently over extended periods of time. To improve colour matching and minimize the risk of varying colours on a building, we recommend:

  1. Order enough material of each colour from one supplier to complete the project
  2. Cross reference previous orders if additional material is required for a project
  3. If replacing damaged sheets, try to use other existing sheets in the repair area and install new sheets all in one elevation